We are offering a 15% discount on all Screamin' Eagle® engine kits, in-stock and ordered. We'll even give you a break on the installation cost! 

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your Harley's engine to give it that extra power, torque and performance you've been looking for. Don't fall behind the pack, let us upgrade your bike this off-season so when the sun starts to shine your bike is ready to ride. Pick up and delivery available.

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Stage Kits:   

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Why upgrade your engine with an engine kit:

Upgrade Type                
The Basics
The Performance
Stage l engine kit

  • The easiest and most cost effective step to improve your motorcycle by increasing the air flow into and out of the engine

  • High-flow air cleaner and system-matched slip-on mufflers

  • Provides horsepower and torque improvements you can feel throughout the RPM range
Stage ll engine kit

  • Choose a TORQUE CAM or POWER CAM based on riding style

  • A performance cam increases both the lift in the valve train (pushing the valve open further) and the duration of the valve opening (how long the valve stays open)

Torque Kit: 
  • The rider will feel up to 15% increase in performance in the low-to mid-RPM range
  • Experience crisp throttle response and acceleration that can be felt at slower speeds, perfect for passing slow moving vehicles without downshifting
Power Kit:
  • The rider will feel up to 25% increase in performance in the mid-to upper- RPM range
  • Experience an adrenaline-pumping burst of speed while heading towards the red line

Stage lll engine kit

  • An increase in engine displacement allows the engine to swallow more air and fuel, a higher compression piston squeezes the air and fuel into a more volatile mixture and when combined, generates more power when ignited

  • Displacement increases are accomplished with larger cylinders, matching pistons, and the proper cam upgrades

  • Riders will experience a performance increase throughout the entire RPM range, with up to a 35% increase in the mid-to upper- RPM range

  • Produces instant passing power without downshifting

  • Delivers excellent stoplight to freeway speed and on-ramp acceleration

Stage lV engine kit

  • Highest-level performance upgrade available to provide a maximum increase in displacement, compression and flow

  • Higher-flowing CNC ported cylinder heads and larger bore throttle body increase the velocity and feed large volumes of air and fuel into the engine, which maximizes power on a larger displacement engine

  • Combines ported cylinder heads and larger throttle body in combination with cylinders, matching pistons and proper cam

  • The rider will feel exceptional acceleration, delivering significant gains and up to a 40%* increase in the higher RPM range

Stage Kit Comparison:


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